Know-How At A Glance For Terminals & Storage

Outside sealing systems for ringwall and bund

24/7 Vacuum Floor Monitoring​

Up to 30 years lifetime extension

Structural tank floor lining system

Corrosion protection curing time under 2 hrs

Structural Linings and Corrosion Protection for Storage Tanks on demand

The durability of Wolftank Adisa systems grant important savings and the best possible total cost of ownership. A wide range of system solutions have to be developed and certified according to national and international standards. For example in case of a bulk storage tank some of the solutions are:

Conductive and non-conductive floor corrosion protections

Mechanical reinforcement of steel floor with high-performance laminates

Outside surface sealing for secondary containments

Internal double floor linings with DOPA® vacuum monitoring

Outside corrosion protection for C4-C5 environments

Reinforcement of ring walls


Aboveground (AST) storage tank upgrade from single to double floor with continuous vacuum monitoring using the DOPA® technology. 


Floating Roof Inside

Tank inside roof protection with coatings in possible contact with storage liquids as well as mechanical sustainable properties. 


Fix Roof

Ad-hoc developed protective coatings for the external and internal roof protection of storage tanks in difficult environments. 



Corrosion, UV and VOC protection with innovative coating technologies and curing times under 2 hrs. 


Ring Wall

Anti-corrosive, abrasion resistant and elastic sealing systems for storage tank ring walls. 


Floating Roof Outside

High performance corrosion, UV and VOC coating protection with abrasion resistant properties for floating roof tanks.

During installation

Secondary Containments

Mechanical resistant surface sealings for secondary containments in concrete or asphalt.


Pipe Works

Abrasion and environmentally resistant coatings for the external protection of pipes and tubes in storage farms. 

Terminals & Storage

Cleaning & Surface Technologies

As an improvement to the traditional tank cleaning method we offer much more safe, effective and reliable tank cleaning processes.
Suitable technologies for the cleaning or surface treatmens in the terminal and storage industry can be found below.

Cleaning & Degassing

TCR® Cleaning Liquid

Specially designed for cleaning vessels storing chemical and petrochemical products.

Surface Preparation

TCR® Rust Converter

A surface preparation agent designed to substitute surface treatment such as grit blasting.

Surface Preparation

TCR® Rust Preventer

A temporar preparation agent product designed for use in severe environment and as pre-coating preparation on sandblasted steel surfaces.

Sludge Removal

TCR® Storage Tank Cleaner

It has been produced for the cleaning of bulk storage tanks in tank farms or refineries with No-MAN Entry.

Terminals & Storage

Top Selection of Lining Systems

High costs due to down-time or unexptected necessary maintenance? With our lining systems your containments can reach up to 30 years of lifetime.
The following lining systems are specially suitable for terminal and storage industry.

Corrosion Protection Systems

Epoflex® Laminate

External lining system to line steel and/or concrete the structure directly on site without an interruption of site service.

Corrosion Protection Systems


The Adapur® tank lining is an external tank lining to protect tanks and steel structures according to the corrosion class C4.

Corrosion Protection Systems


The Adacor® tank lining is an external tank lining to protect steel facilities and steel tanks according to the corrosion class C5.

Corrosion Protection Systems


The Euromant® concrete lining system is an external tank lining system to rehabilitate the ringwall directly on site.

Structural Lining Systems


DOPA® is a internal double wall coating system which provides high tank integrity.

Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® 3

The Epoflex® 3 tank lining system is an internal tank lining system with excellent chemical resistance.

Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® 6N Laminate

The lining provides a structural contribution to the integrity of tank wich is maintained by the lining in case of external pit corrosion.

EPOFLEX 6N lining system in underground storage tank
Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® 6N

The Epoflex® 6N tank lining system is an internal tank lining system to rehabilitate tanks directly on site.

Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® TW Laminate

The system is developed for underground and aboveground steel and concrete tanks, vessels and containers with drinking water, salt water and waste water.

Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® TW

Rehabilitate tanks directly on site without an interruption of site service ensuring business continuity.

Structural Lining Systems

DOPA® laminate

The DOPA® laminate is a double wall coating sytem which provides high tank integrity.

Terminals & Storage

Solid Sealings With Minimum Operational Impact

Sometimes it must be quick and without any additional maintenance. Take a look at our pre-selected sealing systems.

Industrial hole sealing kit - Wolftank Adisa
Sealing Solutions

Industrial Hole Sealing Kit

The Hole Sealing Kit is a premium industrial hole sealing kit which allows to completely fix a hole in a steel tank or vessel, as

Schematic of water sump sealing system - Wolftank Adisa
Sealing Solutions

Water Sump Sealing System

Rehabilitate concrete water sumps in case of any unsealed areas, even on vertical surfaces.

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