SST Contamination Monitoring and Detection System

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Soil and water contamination sometimes can be very evident and easy to observe. Nevertheless, in order to detect them properly, to calculate or estimate the extend of the pollution, and to know the exact direction of the leakage (in case of liquids) a specific detection system is required.

An appropriate monitoring tool will be necessary, especially in cases where the risks are higher like in tank farms, service stations or other kind of industrial facilities.

The SST Contamination Monitoring and Detection System, with its wireless technology, is presented as the total solution that is a simple way that detects and emits immediate alarms in case of contamination in the environment.

Groundwater monitoring in tank farm

 SST Contamination Monitoring and Detection Kit

Physiochemical reaction sensor technology

  • Component disintegrates in the presence of hydrocarbons (replaceable cartridge).
  • No false alarm
  • No maintenance
  • Different configuration for different applications
  • Low cost
  • Compliant to EN 13160-4:2016 and EN13160-6:2016
Wireless communication technology EX zone 1 certified

  • Easy installation with no civil work
  • Continuous monitoring 24/7
  • Real-time alarm
  • Low cost
  • IP68
  • No maintenance necessary
  • Up to 3 repeater to extend the signal
Remote or local access

  • Obtain information from thousands of sites without leaving the office
  • Remote configuration
  • Local alarm sound and light
  • Modular (local + modem = remote)
  • Web access for continuous monitoring
  • Control up to 64 units

How does the SST Contamination Monitoring and Detection Kit work?


Soil Remediation: Frequently Asked Questions

The SST Contamination Monitoring and Detection is a remote monitoring technology to continuosly monitor soil and groundwater. The intuitive web access enables 24/7 monitoring, while the phyisiochemical reaction sensor make sure no fales alarms occur.

The SST Contamination Monitoring and Detection Kit consists of: 

  • Physiochemical reaction sensor technology
  • Wireless communication technology EX zone 1 certified

  • Remote or local access

Bioremediation is a branch of biotechnology that employs the use of living organisms, like microbes and bacteria, in the removal of contaminants, pollutants, and toxins from soil, water, and other environments. 

It may be used to clean-up contaminated groundwater or environmental problems, such as oil spills.

Phyto-remediation is a specific remediation process which uses plants to remove pollutants in the soil and in the groundwater. In the case of soil, it is especially suitable for near-surface contamination, because it treats the rooted area underground.

Phyto-remediation can be used for the remediation of fuels, metals, pesticides, explosives and many more substances. New researches are focusing on others, like perchlorate.

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SST Contamination Monitoring and Detection System