Industrial Hole Sealing Kit

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The Hole Sealing Kit is a premium industrial hole sealing kit which allows to completely fix a hole in a steel tank or vessel, as well as a crack in a fibreglass containment without hot-works. Furthermore, it’s easy-to-use and provides excellent resistance to fuels, a wide range of chemicals, and industrial waters.

Long-lasting sealing properties 

The combination of high-performing epoxy coating technologies and surface preparation liquids provide an immediate and sustainable sealing. The innovative EPOFLEX® SK sealant and the EPOFLEX® 6N Laminate as top-layer reach the same result, in terms of integrity, as a traditional welding work. Therefore, it reduces the risk for operations and minimizes the effort.

The industrial Hole Sealing Kit provides the following key advantages:

  • Resistant to regular fuels, biofuels, chemicals, and industrial water.
  • Easy to apply: No special training or knowledge is necessary
  • Allows a quick response in case a leakage occurs
  • Solvent-free and non-flammable
  • Risk-free hole repair; no hot-works

Use it to repair leaks on internal surfaces, such as tank walls or storage containments. If the leak is accessible without the necessity to enter the tank/confined space, repair it from the outside. E.g. on pipes, storage tanks, or wastewater containers.

In case a leakage occurs, while on-site or receiving an emergency request, fix the leakage, and solve the problem with the industrial hole sealing kit. Avoid high-risks or further environmental pollution from spilling liquids by sealing and restoring the functionality of the damaged structure without hot-work.

Industrial Hole Sealing Kit Versions

The industrial sealing kit comes in two different versions. The first variation is for empty steel containments mainly with holes due to pit corrosion, antibacterial corrosion and corrosion phenomena attributed to bio-fuel attacks; the second one is for fibreglass containments mainly showing cracks where the structural properties are lost.

Sealing Solutions: Frequently Asked Questions

The product is shipped with a how-to manual, which also can be downloaded here. Furthermore, you can find a short video guide on the product page to check up on each step.

The average pot life of the sealing kit is 12 months.

One package can be used as many times as possible. However, ordering more packages can be of an advantage to avoid running out of product mid-work and to stay ready for emergencies.

Beside the products itself, the kit contains following tools: Spatula, Sandpaper (P40), Steel Brush, Steam Roller, Mixing Container, Aluminium Tape, Fiberglass and Aluminium Sheet

From the beginning to the cured and fully restored facility, approx. 4 hours.

Beside regular fuels, an internal application can be considered for a wide range of chemicals, waste-water, oils and much more. Feel free to contact us directly for further information.

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Industrial Hole Sealing Kit