Sump Lining System

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This sump lining system provides a waterproof, anti-static, chemical resistant coating for sumps. The system can be applied to 4 different kinds of sump. The sump can be made from steel, fibreglass, concrete or brick. For different subsurface different primer must be used. The system can be reinforced with fibreglass sheet. The system is approved by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt).Structure of the lining system:

Surface Preparation:

The surface shall be solid, clean, dry and free of any hydrocarbon residuals.


Reprofiling. Cover the cracks and uneven surfaces with Epoflex® Klebmoertel.


For each application, a dew point distance of 3°C must be observed.


Primer application depends on the subsurface. For proper adhesion special primer must be applied directly on the cleaned and solid underground surface.

Main structural layer on the vertical surface:

Epoflex® DOM Spachtel is a 2 component (resin and curing agent) epoxy-based conductive resin. Mixing ratio is 2:1 by weight. Apply approx. 3 kg/m2 which is 2 mm of thickness after drying. The material shall be applied with trowel or brush.

Main structural layer on the horizontal surface:

Epoflex® DOM Guss is a 2 component (resin and curing agent) epoxy-based conductive resin. Mixing ratio is 2:1 by weight. Apply approx. 3 kg/m2 which is 2 mm of thickness after drying. Pour the Epoflex® DOM Guss on the dome shaft floor and distribute it roughly. Due to its low viscosity, the material spreads by itself and the desired coating thickness is obtained automatically.

Simplified Schematic Method of Statement

EPOFLEX DOM Sump Lining Simple Method Statement - Wolftank Adisa

Sump Lining System Application Example Video





Tank Lining Systems: Frequently Asked Questions

Structural tank lining systems start from a thickness of 0,5mm up to 4mm. These thick film systems can maintain their function even if the substrate below looses their function e.g. steel below is fully corroded due to pit corrosion.
Yes, they can have different important properties such reach a crack bridging effect up to 300% of elongation and they can have a high loadability and resist to water, seal concrete/steel concjunctions etc.
There are structural linings which are glassfiber reinforced such as Adapox DSF or Epoflex Laminate and others which are not glass fiber reinforced such as Epoflex 590.
They can be applied in above ground tanks, underground tanks, concrete surfaces in contact with chemicals, water, food etc.
Depending on the system we propose grit blasting, water blasting or a surface preparationg with TCR Rust Convertter
A vacuum intersticial space is created and 24/7 monitored by a vacuum leak detection system. It consists of a primary and secondary containment.

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Sump Lining System