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Adapox L is a liquid, thixotropic, conductive, two-component, solvent containing, EP-PU based coating product.

Adapox L is used as a conductive layer on top of Coatings as well as suitable glass fibre reinforced plastic laminates which are used in storage tanks and are in contact with fuels, various easily inflammable chemicals and solvents.

Adapox L reliably dissipates static electrical charges, has a low viscosity, short hardening time and excellent resistance to chemicals.

SKU Comp. A W-D9111 - Comp. B W-D9112 Category

Tank Coating Products: Frequently Asked Questions

We promote more and more solvent-free and non flammable products to minimize the environmental and HSE impact for all operations.
In our product range we have products able to resist high aggressive chemicals,  even to solvents such as Ethanol, Methanol or Aceton.
Many of our products are approved for the usage with aggressive biofuels, such as Ethanols.
Depending on the characteristics different application methods (spraying, rolling, dragging, spattling) can be considered. Details can be found in the product datasheets of specific products.
We provide local training and supervision, online training and also equipment, if necessary. 
A lining system is a combination of coating products with different properties. Focused on providing stuctural (crack bridging, tensile strenght) or functional properties (antistatics).

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Adapox L