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The universal absorbent pillows are for a multifunctional use in a direct containment or as liquid separation (e.g. disposal with spill).

The right choice to catch and recover spilling oil below valves, engines, on surfaces, water basins and much more while being able to reuse it up to 3 times.
Specially designed for chemical liquid revocery during maintence services and also reusable up to 3 times.
Product ID Description Property Dimension Packing Absorptions per pack up to
W-A200U Pillow Universal 45cm x 30cm - 200g 30 cushions per bag 150 Lt.
W-A300U Pillow Universal 45cm x 40cm - 300g 20 cushions per bag 210 Lt.
W-A100U Pillow Universal 30cm x 20cm - 100g 50 cushions per bag 90 Lt.
W-A200-Oil Pillow Oil-only 45cm x 30cm - 200g 30 cushions per bag 150 Lt.
W-A300-Oil Pillow Oil-only 45cm x 40cm - 200g 20 cushions per bag 210 Lt.
W-A100-Oil Pillow Oil-only 30cm x 20cm - 100g 50 cushions per bag 90 Lt.
W-A200C Pillow Chemical 45cm x 30cm - 100g 30 cushions per bag 150 Lt.
W-A300C Pillow Chemical 45cm x 40cm - 300g 20 cushions per bag 210 Lt.
W-A100C Pillow Chemical 30cm x 20cm - 100g 50 cushions per bag 90 Lt.

Cleaning & Surface Preparation: Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Degreasing with TCR® Cleaning Liquid
Step 2: TCR®6 tank washing
Step 3: TCR®7 sludge removing
Alternatively the process can be combined with the TCR®15.
A gasoline tank can easily reach a secure state by combining cleaning and degassing technologies.
The TCR® Rust Converter allows a surface preparation by binding agressive salts, thin rust and water in a polymer composite which then allows to apply a lining on the surface with suitable adhesion and a barrier against corrosion under the coating.
For a long term installation the TCR® Rust Converter can only be used for structural linings.
The TCR® Rust Converter is a surface preparation solution, the TCR® Rust preventer is a holding product to avoid flash rust on blasted surfaces.
The TCR® Atomizing Agent is sprayed with the TCR® Atomizing Pump which can be directly ordered as combo package. It does not require any additional water or compressed air.
The TCR® Atomizing Pump works with high pressure and very fine atomization. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for a sanification.

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