TCR® 15 – Tank Cleaning Robot for Horizontal Storage Tanks

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The TCR® 15 is a tank cleaning robot without the necessity of workforce working in confined spaces (No-Man-Entry).

The standard robot is designed to sustain 150 to 200bar but can be adjusted to for high-pressure washing up to 500bar. The extendable rotation arm allows to clean horizontal storage tanks up to 3m diameter. Furthermore, the TCR® 15 is completely ATEX Zone 0 certified, which means safe to use in storage tanks containing high explosive liquids. Only 500mm of manhole diameter is necessary to introduce the cleaning robot inside the container. Afterwards, the technicians can control and monitor the progress remotely within a safe area.

To run the tank cleaning robot only a standard cleaning truck or specially developed suction or pumping unit is necessary.
Reach the best result and maximum efficiency during the cleaning and degassing process and combine it with our unique formulated TCR® Cleaning Liquid, which is a simple and innovative liquid to support all kinds of fuel storage tank cleaning.

Key Facts:

  • No Man Entry Tank Cleaning
  • Best for cylindrical fuel storage tank
  • Best available water consumption/efficiency ratio
  • All in one – remove sludge and residuals during the washing process
  • ATEX Certified Technology
  • Attachable to a standard cleaning truck
  • Remote control system with optional video monitoring

Simple Schematic Method of Statement:

TCR 15 Tank Cleaning Simple Method Statement - Wolftank Adisa

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TCR® 15 : Frequently Asked Questions​

The avg. water consumption is 200 – 500 l per tank, depending on the condition.

The avg. time necessary, between the manhole opening and gas-free measurement, to clean a fuel storage tank is approx. 1 hour. 

No, the TCR® 15 is also availabe to rent. Don’t hesitate to contact our sales support for further information.

The TCR® 15 does not require any special training to be operated.

Any light fuel tanks, as well as chemicals, can be cleaned with the robot.

Yes, the TCR® 15 is suitable also to prepare a tank for a product change.

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TCR® 15 - Tank Cleaning Robot for Horizontal Storage Tanks