Tank lining and refurbishment during the Covid-19 period

During the Covid-19 period, the Wolftank Adisa team is in continuous contact with its customers all over the world. We understand that the impact on the downstream business is huge. In some countries, a decrease of fuel consumption goes beyond 80%. But tank lining can go on!

The truth is that most construction activities in gas stations stopped. We have many reports of customers that even rescheduled the already budgeted construction projects. Most of them appearing out of the 2020 budget. This also includes most tank substitution projects. Business cannot carry them out due to bureaucratic and logistic issues and the high number of workers from different companies. Hence, many companies cannot make such operations during the Covid-19 phase.

Most of these problems are not faced in tank lining!

But Wolftank Adisa continues providing its services! Small teams of around 3 workers per site are enough to carry out a single wall Epoflex® or a double wall DOPA®  within a few days. Our team completely mitigates the Covid-19 as, on the sites of our customers, technicians are experienced to work with filer masks since many years.

This is a huge opportunity to give to the tanks 20-30 years more lifetime in a phase where the fuel sales are in a minimum. Just in a few days, tanks can be ready for the phase after Covid-19 and the next decades. Not only construction companies but also station owners highly appreciate the possibility to make tank lining in this period!

Read more about double wall tank lining in our DOPA® Lite case study in Germany or DOPA® 6N tank lining in China.

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