Tank cleaning robot TCR® 15 application

Wolftank Adisa developed its No-Man-Entry line which provides an innovative fuel tank cleaning robot. Within it we can find the TCR® 15, specially created for the cleaning of fuel tanks. This robotic unit is perfect for horizontal storage tanks and it provides the best result and the maximum efficiency during the cleaning and degassing process. In addition, one of its greatest benefits lies in the fact that it does not need workforce working in confined spaces.

The scope of the project

One of our customers, Repsol Italy, required Wolftank Adisa services for a tank cleaning project. The objective was to remove all residuals and sludge from the underground fuel storage tanks while keeping the gas station partially operational.

The challenge

The customer -which is highly focused on safety- requested to reduce the risk for technicians. Therefore, it was necessary to provide a safe and environmentally friendly procedure to reach degreased and clean tank surfaces. In this context, the team designed a pilot project and presented the tank cleaning robot TCR® 15. This remote storage tank cleaning unit answered all the customer’s needs.

The solution

As every first project, several new difficulties could come up. As previously mentioned, it was very important for the customer to keep the gas station partially operational. This is why the organization and planning were of utmost importance to execute this task hassle-free. And all this while keeping the project completion time as low as possible.

Together with the Repsol Italy, Wolftank Adisa technicians developed a detailed tank operation plan with a time schedule witch they focused on. Therefore, the technicians could focus on the final result.

The TCR® 15 is completely ATEX zone 0 certified and it has a mounted camera connected to a remote display. As a result, the operators were able to follow the fuel tank washing process live. And all this within a safe area. If necessary, of course, they could immediately optimize the cleaning process.

The outcome

The standard tank cleaning robot with his spraying nozzles and rotating arm removed any sludge from the tank wall with up to 200 bar water pressure. The installed suction unit, connected to a standard tank cleaning truck, immediately removed the loosen sludge from the bottom of the fuel tank. All fully remotely and within one single process.

Since the Wolftank Adisa technicians were trained properly, all 5 fuel tanks were successfully degreased at a glance. At the end, more than ready to get operational again. The customer and the technicians were satisfied with the pilot project outcome: remote cleaned underground fuel storage with no man entry and maximum safety.

In conclusion, the pilot project was a big success for Wolftank Adisa and their innovative underground fuel tank cleaning robot TCR® 15.

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