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Drinkable and hot water coatings

Extend The Service Lifetime And Preserve The Water Quality

Wolftank Adisa’s innovative coating systems and strong retail network allow them to successfully join the water value chain and take part in one of the most challenging coating application fields. Offering specially formulated and fully compliant high-performance coating systems in contact with water for the following surface structures:


Consumable Water

When in contact with water intended for human consumption, some materials and objects may cause a deterioration of the organoleptic, physical-chemical or microbiological characteristics of the water. 

The safety of materials and objects used in permanent facilities for the supply, treatment and production of water intended for human consumption is for utmost importance.

Hot-Water, Industrial Water or Wastewater

Water at high temperature, contaminated water, saltwater or wastewater are challenging conditions for materials and coating systems. Specially formulated coatings and proper application lead to successful long-term protection.

The usage of high-performance coating systems is required when trying to avoid additional maintenance costs or leaks, while maintaining a long-term focus.

Long-Term Asset Protection Against:





Bisphenol A-free | Solvent-free

Compliant to European regulations (Directive no. 98/83/EC of 3 November 1998 (cf. Article 10)).

Coating Systems for Consumable Water

Specially formulated coating systems according to current health and consumer regulations.  

Coating Systems for Hot Water

Temperature resistant coating technologies for waters reaching temperatures up to 90°C.


Coating Systems for Industrial Water

Resistant coating solutions for industrial water storage, transport and distribution.

Coating Systems for Wastewater Treatment

High-performance wastewater coatings to sustain a wide range of pollution from contaminated waters. 

Public & Industrial Water

Accurate Cleaning & Surface Technologies

Cleaning or preparing a public or industrial water vessel must be done with the highest quality assurance. In case of a drinking water tank, it is essential to avoid any post-contanination of the water.

Surface Preparation

TCR® Rust Preventer

A temporar preparation agent product designed for use in severe environment and as pre-coating preparation on sandblasted steel surfaces.

Surface Preparation

TCR® Rust Converter

A surface preparation agent designed to substitute surface treatment such as grit blasting.

Public & Industrial Water

High Performing Lining Systems

In case of a drinking water tank refurbishment, the chosen lining system is essential and must fulfill the highest quality standards to avoid any dangerous contamination. 
From lining a water storage tank for drinkable water to a waste water containment, we safely can offer for both the highest standards.

Corrosion Protection Systems

Epoflex® Laminate

External lining system to line steel and/or concrete the structure directly on site without an interruption of site service.

Corrosion Protection Systems


The Euromant® concrete lining system is an external tank lining system to rehabilitate the ringwall directly on site.

Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® 6N Laminate

The lining provides a structural contribution to the integrity of tank wich is maintained by the lining in case of external pit corrosion.

Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® TW Laminate

The system is developed for underground and aboveground steel and concrete tanks, vessels and containers with drinking water, salt water and waste water.

Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® TW

Rehabilitate tanks directly on site without an interruption of site service ensuring business continuity.

Structural Lining Systems

DOPA® laminate

The DOPA® laminate is a double wall coating sytem which provides high tank integrity.

Public & Industrial Water

Solid Sealings With Minimum Operational Impact

Industrial hole sealing kit - Wolftank Adisa
Sealing Solutions

Industrial Hole Sealing Kit

The Hole Sealing Kit is a premium industrial hole sealing kit which allows to completely fix a hole in a steel tank or vessel, as

Schematic of water sump sealing system - Wolftank Adisa
Sealing Solutions

Water Sump Sealing System

Rehabilitate concrete water sumps in case of any unsealed areas, even on vertical surfaces.

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