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  • dopa-6n-Laminate
    Structural Lining Systems

    DOPA® laminate

    The DOPA® laminate is a double wall coating sytem which provides high tank integrity.

  • Epoflex-6n-Laminate
    Structural Lining Systems

    Epoflex® 6N Laminate

    The lining provides a structural contribution to the integrity of tank wich is maintained by the lining in case of external pit corrosion.

  • dopa-6n-Laminate
    Corrosion Protection Systems

    Epoflex® Laminate

    External lining system to line steel and/or concrete the structure directly on site without an interruption of site service.

  • Epoflex-TW
    Structural Lining Systems

    Epoflex® TW

    Rehabilitate tanks directly on site without an interruption of site service ensuring business continuity.

  • Structural Lining Systems

    Epoflex® TW Laminate

    The system is developed for underground and aboveground steel and concrete tanks, vessels and containers with drinking water, salt water and waste water.

  • Euromant
    Corrosion Protection Systems


    The Euromant® concrete lining system is an external tank lining system to rehabilitate the ringwall directly on site.

  • Schematic of the fiber glass sealing system - Wolftank Adisa
    Sealing Solutions

    Fiberglass Tank Sealing System

    The system is a rehabilitation of fiber glass tank in case of any local crack, hole or similar damage.

  • Industrial hole sealing kit - Wolftank Adisa
    Sealing Solutions

    Industrial Hole Sealing Kit

  • Rust-converter-tank-surface-preparation
    Surface Preparation

    TCR® Rust Converter

    A surface preparation agent designed to substitute surface treatment such as grit blasting.

  • TCR-Rust-Preventer
    Surface Preparation

    TCR® Rust Preventer

    A temporar preparation agent product designed for use in severe environment and as pre-coating preparation on sandblasted steel surfaces.

  • Schematic of water sump sealing system - Wolftank Adisa
    Sealing Solutions

    Water Sump Sealing System

    Rehabilitate concrete water sumps in case of any unsealed areas, even on vertical surfaces.