New partnership Green Ocean – Wolftank Adisa

Wolftank Adisa has recently signed a distribution agreement with Green Ocean for distributing its innovative spill prevention technology. The partnership means a step forward for Wolftank, which constantly works for its customer’s assets protection. Always considering, in the meantime, the ecology approach.

The Dutch company is a manufacturer and global supplier of spill control, containment and clean up products. All of its technologies are made of natural mineral fibres. This aspect allows them to clean 3 times faster, absorb 3 times more oil and fill absorbents to the maximum.

The new Wolftank Adisa’s spill absorbents business line

Hence, from now on, Wolftank Adisa is able to provide a wide range of absorbent technologies, which for sure will make easier the customer’s life. As well as their business’ environments.

As an example, one of the solutions which Wolftank Adisa starts to distribute is the Spill Prevention Shield. It is a cost-effective spill prevention system and very easy to install. In its heart there is mineral mat, that is, 1 square meter of which holds up to 300 litters of oil. The shield is useful for various industries, such as above ground storages, electrical utilities, railroads or fuel stations.

The Spill Prevention Shield stops and absorbs contamination.
The Spill Prevention Shield stops and absorbs contamination.

Definitely, for Wolftank Adisa, the maintenance of customer’s facilities while protecting environment is the main objective. The company completely ensures this goal with this new partnership. Both companies share their commitment to soil and water protection and therefore, Green Ocean’s portfolio perfectly fits into Wolftank Adisa product range.

For more information about the complete absorbent line, click here.

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