Internal and external pipe coating services with Wolftank Adisa

Wolftank Adisa provides complete pipe coating services, bringing a great advantage to customers. Our coating line applied to pipelines involves not only a top-quality external coating, but also offers the possibility of full internal coverage. With only one supplier, a complete refurbishment -internal and external- is totally possible.

Wolftank Adisa provides complete pipe coating.

Customers usually have the necessity to renovate completely their pipelines. Their big concerns refer to the business interruption, the duration of the refurbishment or the different suppliers they need to work with.

However, Wolftank Adisa is able to cover the complete process. A recent project implemented in Austria has demonstrated once more Wolftank’s ability to internally coat gas pipes. Thanks to a flexible and user-friendly robotic unit, the coatings can be applied internally. Even in the case of facilities with 90° angles.

Therefore, customers easily obtain an internal and external renovation of their pipelines. And with the durability of the services applied assured. In addition, only a few days are required for the whole refurbishment.

In conclusion, the combination of the cutting-edge technology and the high quality of the coatings results in a complete renovation of the pipe installations. And all with a single supplier and in a unique project.

Find out more details about the latest complete pipe coating project in the following case study.

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