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Double Floor Application up to 1m height.

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Terminals & Storage

The products are developed to resist as structural and semistructural linings to the continuous contact with crude oil, derivates and fuels. Tanks, vessels and pipes are protected and refurbished to get in contact with aggressive modern biofuels, such as Ethanol, Methanol and Biodiesel. The integrity of tanks can be vacuum monitored 24/7 and floors can be upgraded retroactively to double floor. Tank cleaning, sludge removal and spill handling technologies are provided for a safe maintenance operations.

All mentioned technologies are designed to be applied directly in the field.

Gas Stations

The spill prevention for tanks, pipes, sumps and forecourt of retail fuel systems is essential to avoid soil and water pollution and fuel loss in gas stations. The lining systems are designed for field fabricated retrofits and refurbishments to repair tanks, obtain biofuel compliancy and extend lifetime. A safe operation of gas stations is ensured by our technologies for spill handling, degassing, cleaning. 

The durability of Wolftank Adisa systems grant important savings and the
best possible total cost of ownership based on 25.000 tracked installation
records and trusted expertise.


Public & Industrial Water

Likewise to the protection of storage liquids, such as fuel and oil we focus our activities on the handling, preservance and storage of the most valuable liquid at all: water. 

The challenge to provide drinkable water and contain waste water is an increasing challenge for all public and private enterprises. The portfolio of Wolftank Adisa products is targeted since more than 35 years to seal of sumps, vessels and pipes, and basically any type of water including fresh water, hot water, waste water and salt water.

Industrial Engineering

Technologies for tank cleaning, spill prevention, lining and sealing find broad application field in the general industry. All our product categories are engineered for the most various scope, such as industrial flooring, tank truck protection, aircraft fuel tanks, trains and automotive industry. 

Food-graded lining and cleaning products are widely used as well as any vessel protections in any industrial factories.

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