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Structural thick film coatings

Innovative surface preparation technologies

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Industrial Engineering

Innovative Cleaning & Surface Technologies

Such as our automization cleaning or surface treatment product portfolio is the general industrial engineering is a very broad and challenging field. 
Our huge commitment to provide only the best led us to the following products for this market 

Cleaning & Degassing

TCR® Cleaning Liquid

Specially designed for cleaning vessels storing chemical and petrochemical products.

Cleaning & Degassing

TCR® Atomizing Agent

Particularly effective for the cleaning of oil residues from tanks by using fixed and portable tank cleaning machines.

Industrial Engineering

Top-Notch Lining Systems

Industrial engineering sometimes can be very harsh an connected to very specific requirements. Our lining systems for industrial engineering are the top of the market.

Corrosion Protection Systems


Adaplast® lining is an external lining to protect the concrete directly on-site ensuring business continuity.

Corrosion Protection Systems


The Adapox® tank lining is an external pipe coating tank lining to rehabilitate tanks directly on site with a minimum of interruption of site services ensuring business continuity.

Corrosion Protection Systems


The Adapur® tank lining is an external tank lining to protect tanks and steel structures according to the corrosion class C4.

Corrosion Protection Systems


The Adacor® tank lining is an external tank lining to protect steel facilities and steel tanks according to the corrosion class C5.

Structural Lining Systems

DOPA® Lite

The quickiest and most economic way to create and/or rehabilitate a double wall system.

Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® 3

The Epoflex® 3 tank lining system is an internal tank lining system with excellent chemical resistance.

EPOFLEX 6N lining system in underground storage tank
Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® 6N

The Epoflex® 6N tank lining system is an internal tank lining system to rehabilitate tanks directly on site.

Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® TW Laminate

The system is developed for underground and aboveground steel and concrete tanks, vessels and containers with drinking water, salt water and waste water.

Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® TW

Rehabilitate tanks directly on site without an interruption of site service ensuring business continuity.

Structural Lining Systems

DOPA® laminate

The DOPA® laminate is a double wall coating sytem which provides high tank integrity.

Industrial Engineering

Multi-use Sealings With Greate Verstality

Cracks, holes or leaks and quick reaction time are the right thing for our sealing solutions. Long term application or as a quick solution to give you more time, we have everything for you.

Industrial hole sealing kit - Wolftank Adisa
Sealing Solutions

Industrial Hole Sealing Kit

The Hole Sealing Kit is a premium industrial hole sealing kit which allows to completely fix a hole in a steel tank or vessel, as

Concrete Sealing Schematic - Wolftank Adisa
Sealing Solutions

Concrete Sealing System

Repair local crack, hole, or similar damage with the Concrete Sealing Systems. This sealing system can be further used for pipe connections, holes (diameter < 20 cm), or similar unsealed areas.

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