Momentum For Your Gas Stations!

Single and double wall tank lining in 3 days

No demand of special equipment

No loss of sales by ensuring business continuity

Safe degassing and cleaning without manhole opening

No sand blasting required

Sustainable Gas Station Upgrades

The integrity of tanks, pipes, sumps and forecourt of retail fuel systems is essential to avoid soil and water pollution and fuel loss in gas stations. Wolftank Adisa products are designed for field fabricated retrofits and refurbishments as entire linings, chemical protective coatings and batch reparation solutions. A safe operation of the plants is ensured by Wolftank Adisa technologies for degassing, cleaning.
The exceptional protection Wolftank Adisa provides for their clients’ assets is represented by the exclusive DOPA® registered trademark and embodied in the experience Wolftank Adisa has accumulated since the first day of work, transforming storage facilities into double-walled tanks, complemented by remotely viewable continuous monitoring in order to ensure worldwide the same quality standards.
Key elements for the Wolftank Adisa's working process

Single- and Double Wall Lining

Corrosion protection for underground storage tanks (UST) with continuous vacuum monitoring using the DOPA® technology. 


FRP Tank Lining

Fibreglass reinforced polyester tank rehabilitation with special bilayer woven fibreglass providing high tank integrity.


Pipe Coating

Epoxy-based internal pipe coatings resistant against gasoline, diesel, modern biofuels or even chemicals.


Concrete Sealing

Rehabilitate damaged concrete container for long lasting integrity using special formulated sealing solutions.


Forecourt Sealing

Flexible and abrasion resistant forecourt and secondary containment coating with long-lasting properties and environmental sustainability. 


Sump Sealing

Sump rehabilitation with abrasion resistant and easy-to-apply sealing coatings.

Concrete Sump Sealing

Crack and Hole Sealing

Quick-acting external crack and hole sealing for steel and FRP tanks without hot-works. 

Repaired surface damaged

Leak Detection

Vacuum and pressure leak detection systems (class 1 acc. EN 13160) for tanks, sumps, wells and pipes. 


Tank Cleaning

No-Man-Entry (NME) tank cleaning technologies and surface preparation liquids for heavy rust or sludge removal. 


Gas Station Brochure

Download the complete Gas Station Brochure and get a deeper insight.
Gas Stations

Optimized Cleaning & Surface Technologies

Preparing an underground storage tank for a complete refurbishment or just taking the opportunity to wash it’s surface. Developed and improved over years, we provide cleaning solutions for every kind of request in the fuel retail market.

Cleaning & Degassing

TCR® Cleaning Liquid

Specially designed for cleaning vessels storing chemical and petrochemical products.

Surface Preparation

TCR® Rust Converter

A surface preparation agent designed to substitute surface treatment such as grit blasting.

Cleaning & Degassing

TCR® Atomizing Agent

Particularly effective for the cleaning of oil residues from tanks by using fixed and portable tank cleaning machines.

Gas Stations

International Trusted Lining Systems

Our lining systems enjoy a global recognition. From Asia to Amerika lining systems are the everywhere first line of defense and protect your assets and the surrounding environment from further damage. Following a summary of our best available lining systems for your gas station business.

Corrosion Protection Systems


Developed for aboveground steel tanks, vessels and containers for corrosion protection (C5 according to ISO 12944).

Corrosion Protection Systems


The Adapur® tank lining is an external tank lining to protect tanks and steel structures according to the corrosion class C4.

Corrosion Protection Systems


The Adacor® tank lining is an external tank lining to protect steel facilities and steel tanks according to the corrosion class C5.

Structural Lining Systems

DOPA® Lite

The quickiest and most economic way to create and/or rehabilitate a double wall system.

Structural Lining Systems


DOPA® is a internal double wall coating system which provides high tank integrity.

Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® 3

The Epoflex® 3 tank lining system is an internal tank lining system with excellent chemical resistance.

Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® 6N Laminate

The lining provides a structural contribution to the integrity of tank wich is maintained by the lining in case of external pit corrosion.

EPOFLEX 6N lining system in underground storage tank
Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® 6N

The Epoflex® 6N tank lining system is an internal tank lining system to rehabilitate tanks directly on site.

Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® TW Laminate

The system is developed for underground and aboveground steel and concrete tanks, vessels and containers with drinking water, salt water and waste water.

Structural Lining Systems

Epoflex® TW

Rehabilitate tanks directly on site without an interruption of site service ensuring business continuity.

Structural Lining Systems

DOPA® laminate

The DOPA® laminate is a double wall coating sytem which provides high tank integrity.

Gas Stations

Best Quality Sealing Solutions

Steel, concrete or fibreglass sumps. We don’t care, because our systems are suitable for all of them! Best quality sealing systems with tested and certified results for gas stations can be found below.

Industrial hole sealing kit - Wolftank Adisa
Sealing Solutions

Industrial Hole Sealing Kit

The Hole Sealing Kit is a premium industrial hole sealing kit which allows to completely fix a hole in a steel tank or vessel, as

Industry Technologies: