Complete equipment for underground tank lining project shipped to Smartflow Technologies

A complete equipment for an underground tank lining project has been recently shipped to Wolftank’s partner Smartflow Technologies. The Nigerian company will use it in a project for one of the biggest energy companies in this country.

Underground tank lamination lining project

Our partner Smartflow Technologies has received a request from a global energy firm which consists of a lamination lining project with Epoflex 590. Due to its excellent resistance to chemicals, this resin entails a high-quality solution as coating. In addition, Smartflow perfectly worked with it in many previous projects.

In order to ensure the higher standard of safety as well as the properly application of the technology, Wolftank has just shipped to Nigeria a full equipment necessary for the project. The list of materials includes movable lamps, ventilation fans, cameras and walkie-talkie hands-free communication systems as well as testing equipment, PPE and hand tools. All ATEX certificated. Wolftank Adisa has sent the materials through its Chinese team located in Shanghai and it is expected them to be received by Smartflow in the coming days.

Equipment for underground tank lining
Ventilation fan.
Equipment for underground tank lining
Movable lamp.
Equipment for underground tank lining
Lamp with cable.

Wolftank technologies also applied in Nigeria

It is not the first time that Wolftank and Smartflow Technologies collaborate. Their partnership dates back to years ago and it entails that Wolftank’s technologies are completely available in the African country.

Smartflow Technologies has wide experience in applying our lining systems. In fact, many local customers already refurbished their tanks, avoiding an expensive and unnecessary replacement.

Tank lining in Nigeria
Wolftank technologies applied in Nigeria by Smartflow.

In this case, once the equipment for the tank lining arrives to destination, our partner will implement the lining system, prolonging easily this way the life span of the refurbished tank. Over 15 years more!

Find more information about our coating products here. Check also more details about Wolftank’s lining systems.

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