Challenging methanol storage: Epoflex 3

Methanol is a liquid chemical traditionally used in thousands of everyday products, including plastics, paints or cosmetics. Nevertheless, its preservation is a big challenge. Wolftank Austria offers the total solution for methanol storage: Epoflex 3.

Methanol industry

Within the development of new technologies, methanol increased attention as an energy source and as fuel. Especially the limited carbon footprint -due to its very high H:C content- makes it particularly interesting for the future energy mix. As well as for pure methanol combustion fuel, as an additive to gasoline, and as an energy source for fuel cells. 

Moreover, crude oil is not the only source to refine out methanol. This means that countries without significant strategic oil reserves can be more independent in their energy sources.

In summary, all its environmental and economic advantages make it an attractive product with endless applications. Consequently, its sector has become a booming industry, with more than 75 million tonnes annual methanol demand. 

Methanol storage challenge

Methanol storage requires specific coatings.

However, methanol as storage liquid is a particular challenge for all storage facilities, including tanks, pipes and vessels. Conventional protective coatings available in the market are not suitable for continuous contact with methanol. They get chemically attacked, softened and dissolved when getting in touch with this liquid.

To solve these problems, Wolftank Austria has successfully shown that Epoflex 3 is a perfect solution for structural protection of methanol fuel tanks and pipes. It includes not only high methanol containing blends but also pure methanol. Storage tank linings of around 1mm have determined to resist to the continuous contact with pure methanol. And over more than one decade without any chemical attack!

The possibility to apply structural coatings allows not only to protect new methanol tanks but to upgrade any old tanks -even corroded ones-, for the storage and distribution of this liquid.

In consequence, Wolftank Austria offers an experienced and approved answer to those who, working with methanol, need proper storage solutions.

Your facilities will be safe for a long time. Epoflex 3 is the total solution for methanol storage.

About Wolftank Group

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