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Wolftank sensor applied in the blue economy.
Research & Development

Pilot installation in Spanish port: SST monitoring and spill absorbents

A pilot installation demonstrates that Wolftank Adisa solutions can be applied in the blue economy, showing that they can facilitate prevention, restoration and care in …

Inside view of a refurbished pipe in the Austrian project.
Research & Development

Internal and external pipe coating services with Wolftank Adisa

Wolftank Adisa provides complete pipe coating services, bringing a great advantage to customers. Our coating line applied to pipelines involves not only a top-quality external …

Wolftank Adisa contributes to the global water market.
Research & Development

Wolftank Adisa contributes to the global water market

Wolftank Adisa provides high-performance coating systems specifically developed to contribute to the global water market. After a careful innovation process, we offer coating technologies fully …

Wolftank Adisa presents its spill container
Research & Development

Available containers with ASTM F726-12 approved spill management products

Wolftank Adisa presents its spill container solution for emergencies Wolftank Adisa presents its spill containers with ASTM F726-12 approved spill management products. They are a …

Research & Development

Alternative fuel storage for retail networks

In the recent contribution about trends and changes in the fuel distribution, Wolftank Adisa emphasized the necessity to make stations ready for more different types …

Research & Development

The changing gas station industry: Wolftank response

Wolftank Adisa responds to the changing gas station industry. The sector is facing times of new alternative fuels, aging assets, and aggressive fuel corrosive. This …

Industrial hole sealing kit - Wolftank Adisa
Research & Development

Innovation: industrial Hole Sealing Kit

Wolftank Adisa is happy to announce its latest development: An Industrial Hole Sealing Kit for tanks, vessels, and pipes.

Oil-Only Spill Absorbent Pillows
Research & Development

Oil spill absorbents supplied to Norilsk Nickel

The company Norilsk Nickel successfully received Wolftank Adisa oil-only spill absorbents. The Russian firm is amongst the global leaders in metals and mining of materials …

Methanol storage_Epoflex 3
Research & Development

Challenging methanol storage: Epoflex 3

Methanol is a liquid chemical traditionally used in thousands of everyday products, including plastics, paints or cosmetics. Nevertheless, its preservation is a big challenge. Wolftank …

Coating for heavy corrossion protection applicable in jet fuel tanks.
Research & Development

Epoflex® 6J: a milestone in the heavy corrosion protection

Wolftank Adisa presents its heavy corrossion protection solution: the company launches Epoflex® 6J. This new coating really marks a big milestone in the Wolftank Adisa …