Category: Research & Development

Research & Development
Pilot installation in Spanish port: SST monitoring and spill absorbents
Blue economy, Leak Detection, Oceans, Sea contamination, Sustainability
Research & Development
Internal and external pipe coating services with Wolftank Austria
Inside pipe coating, Pipe coating, Pipes
Research & Development
Wolftank Austria contributes to the global water market
Coating Products, Tank coating, Water, watermarket, Waterstorage
Research & Development
Available containers with ASTM F726-12 approved spill management products
Absorbents, ASTM, SpillAbsorbentLine, SpillContainer, Spillsolution
Research & Development
Alternative fuel storage for retail networks
Alternative fuels, Retail networks, Retailers, Tank lining system, Tank storage, Traditional fuels
Research & Development
The changing gas station industry: Wolftank response
Alternative fuels, Biofuels, Ethanol, Gas station industry, GAs station market, Hydrogen, LNG, Methanol, Tank lining systems
Research & Development
Innovation: industrial Hole Sealing Kit
Cracks, Hole Sealing Kit, Holes, Sealing Solutions, Storage
Research & Development
Oil spill absorbents supplied to Norilsk Nickel
Absorbents, Oil, Pillows, Spill absorbents, Spill prevention, Spill response
Research & Development
Challenging methanol storage: Epoflex 3
Coating Products, Company News, Epoflex 3, Methanol, Methanol storage, Research & Development
Research & Development
Epoflex® 6J: a milestone in the heavy corrosion protection
Coating Products, Corrosion protection
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