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Wolftank technologies applied in Nigeria
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Complete equipment for underground tank lining project shipped to Smartflow Technologies

A complete equipment for an underground tank lining project has been recently shipped to Wolftank’s partner Smartflow Technologies. The Nigerian company will use it in …

Adapox®DSF sample
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Wolftank Adisa coatings once again prove their corrosion resistance

The Russian company JSC Kola GMK recently tested Wolftank Adisa coatings for inside and outside corrosion protection. The successful results prove once more Wolftank’s coatings …

Wolftank Adisa GmbH will participate in PetroForumfocus APAC 2021
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Participation in PetroForumfocus APAC 2021

Wolftank Adisa will be attending PetroForumfocus APAC 2021. Markus Lechthaler, Managing Director, will be representing the company in the 1:1 meetings.

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DOPA® 6N is officially authorised for application in Israel

The DOPA® 6N, Wolftank’s double wall tank lining with vacuum monitoring technology, has been authorised for its application in Israel by the Ministry of the …

Wolftank Adisa Christmas News Thumbnail
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Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021

Wolftank Adisa wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021! For all of us, 2020 was undoubtedly a year which evolved completely different than …

Tanks in the retail net
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Wolftank Adisa Management: challenges and opportunities for tanks in the retail net

What are the challenges and the opportunities for tanks in the retail net in the current pandemic context? The Covid-19 crisis has torn both our …

Wolftank Adisa Status Report Image
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Business continuity information – Covid-19

Wolftank Adisa statement about the business continuity information during Covid-19: Dear Wolftank Adisa Business Partner: We wish to inform you that, despite the recent strict …

Wolftank expands to Colombia with fibreglass tan refurbishment
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Expansion to Colombia with fibreglass tank refurbishments

Wolftank Adisa expands to Colombia. The company has recently extended its activities with fibreglass tank refurbishment. This service includes the reparation of cracks and the …

Wolftank joins PEI and UNITI
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Wolftank Adisa’s new membership at PEI and UNITI

We are glad to announce that Wolftank Adisa has obtained recently the PEI and UNITI membership: About PEI – Petroleum Equipment Institute PEI was founded in …

Wolftank Adisa partnership with Green Ocean
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New partnership Green Ocean – Wolftank Adisa

Wolftank Adisa has recently signed a distribution agreement with Green Ocean for distributing its innovative spill prevention technology. The partnership means a step forward for …