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Company News
Complete equipment for underground tank lining project shipped to Smartflow Technologies
Africa, Coating Products, Nigeria, tank
Company News
Wolftank Austria coatings once again prove their corrosion resistance
Anti-corrosion, Coatings, Technical test
Company News
Participation in PetroForumfocus APAC 2021
DOPA, Openroom, PetroForum, PetroForum 2021, PetroForum Focus APAC
Company News
DOPA® 6N is officially authorised for application in Israel
DOPA, DOPA 6 N, DoubleWall, Israel, Lining Systems, tank lining
Company News
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021
2020, 2021
Company News
Wolftank Austria Management: challenges and opportunities for tanks in the retail net
Challenges, DOPA, Double wall, Opportunities, Retail net, tank lining, Tanks
Company News
Business continuity information – Covid-19
Business continuity, COVID-19
Company News
Expansion to Colombia with fibreglass tank refurbishments
Coating Products, Fibreglass, Latinoamérica
Company News
Wolftank Austria’s new membership at PEI and UNITI
Membership, PEI, uniti
Company News | Research & Development
New partnership Green Ocean – Wolftank Austria
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