Wolftank Adisa Case Studies

We develop taylored solutions to our customer needs; we control and own the entire chain and processes of our solutions and this makes us unique in what we do. We continuosly expand our set of systems and keep being pioneer of technologies for assett repair, enhancement and protection. We are trusted advisors to our customers. Below are some hints of what we could do for you.

Tank cleaning robot TCR® 15.

Tank cleaning robot TCR® 15 application

Wolftank Adisa developed its No-Man-Entry line which provides an innovative fuel tank cleaning robot. Within it we can find the TCR® 15, specially created for

The Applied Water Tank Lining

Drinking water tank lining in Spain

There are a lot of steel storage tanks for drinking water all over the world which need protection in order to save the asset, the

Double floor tank rehabilitation in Italy

Double floor tank rehabilitation in Italy

The European Union has strict regulations for storing, transportation and operation of water pollutant liquids, such as oil and gas products. Underground and aboveground storage

The tank before the project

Tank roof lining in Austria

Wolftank Adisa recently implemented a tank roof lining in Austria. The scope of the project Bulk storage tanks in tank farms or refineries are endangered

DOPA® 6 Lite

DOPA® 6 Lite application in Germany

DOPA® 6 Lite is being successfully applied in Germany through DRK32. The firm, as subsidiary company of the Wolftank Adisa Group, operates in Germany. Specifically


Safe tank lining training in Africa

The prevention of environmental contamination caused by hazardous storage liquids and safe tank lining is a topic addressed by national economies, environmental ministries and oil

Tank condition after lining

Fibreglass tank lining in Colombia

Wolftank Adisa travelled to Colombia in order to train and apply its fibreglass tank lining system. The context Many of the horizontal underground fibreglass tanks